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Overview of the Care and Services Provided:

The Golden Care Club takes great pride in our team of dedicated staff that provides the best quality care and services to each resident, with compassion and true concern about each resident’s needs and desires. Resident services include:

  • Meals- 4 week menu that consist of healthy foods

  • Personal Care, assistance with the activities of daily living, including daily baths/showers, grooming, dressing and eating the prepared meals, when needed.

  • Medication Management- medication administration and assistance will be provided by staff that is certified and approved by the Maryland Board of Nursing (MBON) to ensure the proper dosage, and that anyone taking 9 or more medications will be evaluated by a pharmacist every 6 months; all precautions are taken to eliminate errors.

  • Facilitating Access to Healthcare- transportation is provided to assist with medical appointments.

  • Social and Spiritual Activities- develop a plan to include participation in activities that enhance the residents mentally, emotionally, and physically.

  • Facilitating Access to Social Services -transportation will be contracted to provide safe and easy access to any local agency offices to access legal services when needed.

  • Daily Monitoring – 24 hours supervision will be provided by the staff.

  • Laundry and Housekeeping – cleaning of the facility and clothing is performed daily.

  • On-Call 24/7- Registered Nurse Supervision

Our team is happy when our residents are happy and satisfied. Each takes delight in giving every resident a true sense of enjoyment and well-being. The staff understands that each resident has unique needs and therefore, the RN creates a detailed personalized care plan for every resident.

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Activities & Entertainment

Golden Care has an activity program that is facilitated by the ALM, who is responsible to organize daily activities and events for each resident; these may include (not limited to):


  • Daily Exercise and regularly scheduled neighborhood walk (weekly or biweekly as able).

  • Games: Card, Board, Trivia, individually or group/partners.

  • Arts & Crafts.

  • Socials: occasional receptions, dinner parties, or open house events.

  • Bulletin Postings: Articles about Current Events, Notices regarding staff matters that may affect and be of interest to the residents.

  • Shopping Trips and Tours (local and short distance as able).

  • Spiritual Activities, (optional), include daily morning inspiration to include reading and meditation on a bible verse. Arrangements are made for each individual resident to attend and or participate in the religious services of their personal choice. These activities are all optional for residents and it is their choice to participate or not. Also, residents may choose the religious activities of his/her choice with notification to and approval by the medical team and ALM. Residents may not be denied for any reasons other than those that pose a danger to the residents or staff. All efforts are made to accommodate each individual in the religious activity of his or her own choice.


The dining experience at Golden Care provides an opportunity for residents and staff to enjoy delicious meals together. Meals are served three times daily, allowing time for wholesome discussions and activities before and after a meal. Discussions may include issues of choice by residents, monitored and steered by the staff.

Snacks and beverages are available throughout the day and upon request. Room service may also be available, when appropriate; when a resident needs to be separated for medical or health reasons for the well-being of all residents and protection of the staff.

Facility Meetings. The ALM may select a specified meal time and day for resident group meetings to get feedback from the residents and their families, when included.

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Housekeeping & Laundry Services

Golden Care has a housekeeping and laundry schedule that is enforced and performed by an assigned staff, a team that:

  • Maintains all indoor and outdoor property areas.

  • Clean and sanitize each resident’s room, daily and sooner when needed.

  • Detailed deep cleaning is performed weekly.

  • Laundry of linens is done on a weekly basis, and sooner if needed.

  • Personal clothing, laundry services are performed two times weekly, also sooner when needed for one or more residents.

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