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About Us

Golden Care Club is a licensed level 3 Assisted Living services provider, offering the perfect blend of quality care and a safe environment. Our trained staff will provide specialized attention in a warm, supportive, "home like" atmosphere.


Our program includes stimulating varied daily activities, health care support, and a customized service plan for each resident.

Services & Amenities

Facility Description – Home and Amenities The home provided is elegant and cozy. All rooms are well appointed with more than just appropriate furnishing, and each is completed with additional items to be personalizes each as a home for the individual resident in the room. The home is complete with individual heating and air conditioning for the residents’ rooms and public areas.

Bathrooms are safety proofed with grab bars, and non-slip tile. Cable television service is also included. The public areas include: library and reading area, movie and TV area, music area and meditation, and quiet areas indoors and outdoors. A quiet room is where the public phone is stationed for use by guests and the residents. There is no charge for use of the phone by residents when making local periodic calls to family and friends.

Residents may choose to relax alone on the comfortable seating in the den/family room or the patio area or relax and enjoy the music of his or her choice, or enjoy a movie of choice. Golden Care maintains a good variety and supply of recorded music and movies in the Residents and Staff Library.

Home Nurse Examining Patient

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe, caring environment while ensuring independence, dignity, respect and quality of life. We are committed to providing the highest level of care for individuals who are unable to continue living independently.

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